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Cash Back Tour Reviews

Thank you for your recent tour booking with Top Oz Tours. We would love to receive some feedback from you on the experience in the form of a short review.

Even one or two sentences about the activity will benefit future guests. In return, we are pleased to offer AUD $5 cash back* on the cost your tour, which will be credited back to the credit card you used to make your booking.

Some simple terms and conditions apply:

  1. *This offer applies to selected tours on our website. You will be sent an email with a code to enter on the review form if your tour is eligible (if you wish to check whether a tour or experience is eligible for this offer prior to booking, please email [email protected]).
  2. Only one review per booking will be accepted.
  3. Your review must be longer than 40 words. There is no maximum length.
  4. Your review must be submitted in English and must be coherent and intelligible.
  5. You must have done the tour yourself, within the past 30 days.

We reserve the right not to publish the review and refund the cash back amount if we believe a review has not been submitted in good faith or within the spirit of this promotion. That doesn’t mean that your review can’t be negative, but it does have to represent a reasonable level of effort.

How it works

  • Simply complete the review form below.
  • We will add the review to the tour booking page so that future guests can benefit from your experience.
  • Only your first name will be published and we won’t share your details with any third party.
  • Your $5 cash back will be credited to your credit card within four working days.

What to include

Here are some ideas for what to include in your review.

  • Your overall perception of the experience
  • Your guide’s knowledge and enthusiasm
  • The standard of transport provided (if applicable)
  • The standard of any included meals
  • The standard of any included attractions.

It’s not necessary to cover them all. Just pick two or three.

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