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Travel Content Marketing and Production for Tour and Travel Providers

Are you looking to harness the power of content to build awareness for your tour/travel business, create new potential customer connections, and ultimately drive bookings or sales?

You probably want to, but running an SME tour or travel business is time consuming enough, right? And building and sustaining a content strategy demands time, skills and resources, or significant cost if you outsource the job to a digital marketing agency.

Here at Top Oz Tours, we have 20 years experience working in the Australian travel industry and a broader team background in marketing and communications. We’ve learned a lot about producing travel content over that time: the dos; the don’ts; what works; what doesn’t.

Importantly, we’ve learned that the effects of good content are cumulative. They build over time, and while Google may not rank your post on page one from day one, it is possible to progressively move yourself up the ranking ladder if you keep at it. Good content improves your search rankings and domain authority score over time, and that’s reason enough to invest in this powerful form of marketing.

Over time, we’ve built up a segment of our business producing content for other tour and travel businesses, ranging from small tour companies to large travel providers. We would love to be part of your content strategy (and amplify your content across our website and social media channels as part of that process).

What is content marketing

Content marketing is essentially identifying your potential customers and their search intent, connecting with them at the point that fulfils their search intent (i.e. a Google search), establishing your business in their mind as a credible provider of a product or service that will meet their need; and finally, driving a conversion action (a phone or email enquiry, or online booking).

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Key points about content marketing

Here are some important points to consider when planning to implement a travel content marketing strategy:

  • First and foremost, you must have a content strategy — a top level plan for creating content and driving results. It’s your road map to content marketing success.
  • You must know exactly who your customers are and have a clear picture of their needs and pain points.
  • The content you create must deliver value to your potential customers and play a role in meeting their needs or negating their pain points.
  • The content you create must be authentic and credible. It must be true to your business ethos, and it must ring true in the ears of your potential customers.
  • The content you create must have a call to action.
  • You must create content consistently. It’s key that search engines like Google and Bing understand who and what you do, and how often you do it.
  • The content you create must be optimised for search, align with search intent and need, and be amplified through industry partnerships wherever possible.

Types of content

There are several types of content we can produce on your behalf:

All content we produce for clients is shared via Top Oz Tours’ social media channels, and linked to from our website. We can also assist with:

  • Website development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Blog management
  • Digital advertising (Google Ads, Facebook ads/promoted posts)
  • Link building.

Examples of our work

Companies we have worked with in the past include Choice Hotels, TFE Hotels, Evergreen Tours, Wendy Wu Tours, On The Go Tours, Park Trek Walking Holidays, Reis Voyage, Discover Car Hire, The Classic Safari Company, Wait A While Tours Cairns, Floating Images and Villa Finder. Here are some examples of the types of content we produce:

How it works

These are the steps we follow when working with a new client on a full content marketing strategy:

  • Firstly, we establish your goals and define your audience. Typically, this is done via a video call or face-to-face meeting (where possible).
  • The next step is to conduct a content and SEO audit. This involves checking where you are currently with optimisation of your website for search, and assessing the quality of any existing content. It may be possible to improve the performance of your current content collateral. As part of this process, we will link to any of your existing content from the Top Oz Tours website.
  • Next, we will spend some time researching keywords that are relevant to your products or services. Targetting content to cover top relevant keywords will form the basis of your content strategy.
  • Finally, we will make a content strategy recommendation, complete with goals and costs. We will make suggestions on the types of content that are most appropriate for your target audience and goals, and a recommendation on the frequency of producing content.
  • Once the content strategy is agreed upon, we will set up a production calendar and begin production.

Fee structure

We use a simple fee-for-service pricing model for content production. There is no cost for the establishment phase of a new partnership, and no contracted spend. You can set a content budget you feel comfortable with, and amend it as needed.

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