Review: Gordon River Cruise from Strahan is a Tassie treat inner banner

Review: Gordon River Cruise from Strahan is a Tassie treat

Tasmania’s west coast Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is all but impenetrable by land, but the Gordon River itself provides a meandering means of seeing this exquisite wilderness up close. Climb aboard with Gordon River Cruises and soak up the serenity.
Gordon River Cruise
Image courtesy of Gordon River Cruises
Review: Gordon River Cruise

Tasmania’s wild west is a magnet for thrill-seekers and nature lovers, who trek the region’s rugged coastline and temperate rainforest.

Perhaps you’d rather experience both aspects of this wondrous wilderness with ease, and even a little luxury? Then raise a glass of local bubbly on board a day cruise with Gordon River Cruises. You’ll cross massive Macquarie Harbour to its notorious Southern Ocean entrance, glide along the Gordon River into the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tasmanian Wilderness area, and explore the ruins of a convict settlement. It’s quite a day out!

Quietly excited passengers gather as mist rises off the water, and early morning sunshine lights up the heritage buildings of the little west coast town of Strahan. We’re eager to board the Spirit of the Wild — Gordon River Cruises’ sleek, purpose-built catamaran — its idling engines purring by the wharf in a sheltered Macquarie Harbour bay.

Watch our video of this experience:

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The idling rises to a powerful but subdued roar as we head towards Macquarie Heads, aka Hell’s Gates. On the vessel’s video screens, actors playing figures from the past depict how this narrow ocean outlet proved to be tragically dangerous in the age of sail. Figures including Lady Jane Franklin, Captain James Kelly, Huon-pine loggers and Gordon River dam protesters enlighten passengers about this and other aspects of the area’s history.

Gordon River Cruise
Macquarie Harbour. Image courtesy of Tourism Tasmania. Image: Rob Burnett

These video snippets help make a Gordon River Cruise an engaging adventure, rich with extraordinary sights, sounds and information. There are great aromas and flavours too, as our boat is laden with gourmet Tasmanian food and drinks. I’m fortunate to be on the Premier Upper Deck; my golden ticket includes welcome pastries, mid-morning canapes, buffet lunch, afternoon treats, and an open bar throughout the tour.

Gordon River Cruise
Premier Upper Deck. Image courtesy of Gordon River Cruises

It’s an indulgence worth considering, as the upper deck also has spaciously arranged leather recliners (angled to give everyone excellent views through the large windows), as well as a private outdoor area. The main deck is hardly second-class though, with good views (especially from the open rooftop), comfy seats, an included buffet lunch, and reasonably priced snacks and drinks.

Heading back across Macquarie Harbour, we pass a salmon farm — the source of a lunch highlight on both decks — before beginning our journey along the Gordon River. With trees massing left and right, and mountain peaks (including distinctive Frenchmans Cap) beyond, the Spirit’s ingenious hybrid engine is switched to quiet electric mode as we enter the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Here the river’s placid lower reach forms a giant, sinuous mirror. Trees and sky are so perfectly reflected in the water that reality and replica are indistinguishable. It’s breathtakingly surreal.

Gordon River Cruise
Gordon River Cruise. Image: Patricia Maunder

The Spirit docks at Heritage Landing — a small access point into the vast rainforest. The boardwalk, dotted with interpretive signs revealing key tree species, leads to the king of them all — the Huon pine — both a large fallen one, and another relatively young tree reaching for the sky. A friendly, knowledgeable crew member reveals some key facts about this long-lived species, before we re-board for the return journey along the magical river.

There’s one more highlight before the boat heads home: Sarah Island, a natural prison for convicts from 1821 to 1833. Passengers are shown around the convict settlement’s ruins in groups. Our guide Kiah is an actor from The Ship That Never Was — the play about a Sarah Island convict escape that’s been continuously performed in Strahan since 1994. Kiah brings her acting skills, humour, historical knowledge and gentle audience-participation persuasion to the tour, making this step back in time fun and informative.

Gordon River Cruise
Gordon River Cruise: Sarah Island. Image: Patricia Maunder

Disembarking in Strahan, passengers happily chatter about a journey that lasted nearly seven hours, but took us back through hundreds, even thousands of years of human and natural history. For me, memories of those glorious Gordon River double visions will last a lifetime.

The writer travelled as a guest of Gordon River Cruises.

Cover image: Gordon River Cruises. Additional images: Bigstock

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  1. We were looking forward to seeing the natural beauty of the Gordon River, not hearing about salmon farming. The host seemed so wedded to the benefits of salmon farming there that we all wondered about her connections to the industry. The extensive and lengthy review of salmon acquaculture seemed unnecessary and was not what was expected on a Gordon River Cruise.

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