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An Insider’s Guide to Melbourne Dining

Melbourne offers visitors an almost unending choice of culinary experiences. Not sure where to begin? We caught up with local foodie and tour operator Martina Jennings to get the inside word on great places to eat.
Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining
Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining: Lucy Liu. Image: Adam Ford

When visiting a city like Melbourne for the first time, it’s not what you know, but who you know that can make all the difference.

There’s no substitute for a local’s knowledge of their city and what makes it tick. Take Melbourne’s dining scene for example. According to The Age, there’s an estimated 1,600 restaurants operating in the Victorian capital. That’s a lot of options for dinner on the three or four nights you may be in town. Where do you start? Yes, you could spend hours sifting through online reviews, or you could just cut to the chase and ask a local.

Martina Jennings at This Is Melbourne is one lady you need to have on your team. Not only is she a dedicated foodie and fabulously good fun to boot, but she also operates one of the city’s most popular food walking tours. What Martina can’t tell you about dining in Melbs probably isn’t worth knowing/eating. I recently tagged along on her Melbourne Foodie Walking Tour, and we sat down for a chat afterwards.

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Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become interested in sharing Melbourne’s food scene with visitors?

I was born and raised in Melbourne. It’s in my blood, along with a love for food, people, and travel. I have a career background in tourism, but it was an experiential ‘gap year’ in 2016 with my husband that led to the launch of This Is Melbourne. We tasted, sipped and savoured our way around India, Europe and the USA, and I decided there and then to start a culinary tour for hungry foodies visiting Melbourne — or Melburnians themselves yearning to connect with the diverse tastes of their hometown.

Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining
Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining. Image: Adam Ford

How would you describe Melbourne’s culinary scene?

Melbourne’s food scene is energetic, vibrant, diverse, and constantly evolving. Locals and visitors are truly spoilt for choice. We have an eclectic mix of cultures that influences Melbourne’s unique ‘take’ on cuisines from around the world. The city is literally bursting at the seams with exceptional eateries. Supernormal, Pastuso, and Lucy Liu are all good examples.

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Your tour takes guests to a selection of restaurants and providores for tastings. How do you select the stops?

A great food tour is about exploring the landscape, history and fabric of a city or town through the lens of great cuisine, and often through dishes that guests might not usually choose for themselves. All our stops are carefully chosen to feed into that experience, and most importantly they all share their own individual ‘Melbourne story’ of passion and influence. Sometimes it’s the chef’s story; sometimes it’s the venue itself and how it appeals to all five senses; sometimes it’s the venue’s quirky or historic location. Often, it’s a combination of them all, which is really exciting.

Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining
Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining: Supernormal. Image: Visit Victoria

What are your five top tips for a first-time visitor to Melbourne looking to get a real taste of the city’s culinary scene?

Join our Foodie Walking Tour of course! But beyond that, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Spend some time exploring the famous Queen Victoria Market, which has been operating since 1878. You’ll get to taste the finest fresh produce from Victoria’s farmers and meet the producers at the coal face of the city’s dining scene. The best time to visit is early in the morning from Thursday to Sunday. Have brekky there.

Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining
Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining: Queen Victoria Market. Image: Visit Victoria

Lose yourself in the city’s fabulous laneways and arcades. This is where the magic happens. From Degraves Street and Centre Place, to the exquisite Block Arcade, Royal Arcade, Presgrave Place, and so many more, wander where you will, stopping to sample delicious delights along the way. Just try small servings of lots of different things. You don’t necessarily have to settle in for a big meal. The best time to explore is lunchtime on any day of the week. Follow your nose!

Pastry lovers, you have to try Agathe Patisserie’s canelé. It’s better than in Bordeaux! Their main bakery is located in the South Melbourne Market, but they also have a tiny store tucked away in the Royal Arcade. Their pastries sell, well, literally like hot cakes, so get in early Tuesday to Friday. If you miss out, hop on a tram to the market. It’s open Wednesday to Sunday.

Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining
Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining: Agathe Patisserie. Image: Visit Victoria

Another must-visit is the Spring Street Grocer opposite Parliament House. There’s a gelateria at street level, but head down to the underground cheese maturation cellar — an Aladdin’s cave for cheese lovers! The very passionate cheesemongers will inspire and educate you.

Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining
Insider’s guide to Melbourne dining: Spring Street Grocer. Image: Adam Ford

Melbourne has an incredibly rich Chinese heritage and if I had to single out one must-not-miss Asian-style bite, it would be Lucy Liu’s jianbing pancake roll. This is traditionally eaten for breakfast in China, but hey, any time of the day works. In Lucy Liu’s case, it’s a soft-shell crab pancake, topped with their own spicy house-made hoisin sauce. Lucy Liu is open daily from 11am and yes, they often feature on our tour!

Book a Melbourne Foodie Walking Tour here.

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Do you have any tips to add to this insider’s guide to Melbourne dining? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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