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Ten Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

With the array of travel apps on offer these days, you could easily spend more time looking at your phone than at the destination you came to see. However, here are ten options that should have a place on your home screen. 'appy travels!
Top 10 travel apps
Top 10 travel apps

While we don’t advocate spending too much time ‘eyes down’ on your smartphone when travelling (yeah, yeah, we know: FOMO, the struggle is real), there are exceptions.

Travel apps can be a huge help when navigating a new destination. But with start-ups, well, starting up every five minutes, it’s hard to differentiate between the time savers and time wasters. So we’ve done it for you (because we wouldn’t want you to miss out…).

Here are ten top travel apps you shouldn’t leave home without. As always, follow the best online safety practices for travellers and have an amazing trip!

1. Trip It

Trip It is great for keeping multiple flight and hotel reservations organised and staying abreast of real-time updates. All you need to do is forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and they do the rest. The niftiest thing is you can add friends and family to your itinerary so they get updates too. Download it and never miss a flight or lose a hotel deposit again. And make your mother happy.

Top 10 travel apps
Top 10 travel apps: Trip It keeps you and your flights organised.

2. Pocket

For the compulsive over thinker and pre-trip researcher, Pocket enables you to download and save articles and images to your phone so they’re available offline whenever you want to refer back to them. So when you find the perfect Wiki on how to barter with the best in a Moroccan bazaar, it’s right there on hand when you need it. Tip: don’t bother downloading that one.

Top 10 travel apps
Top 10 travel apps: Refer to saved travel guides with Pocket.

3. Lounge Buddy

While the frequent flyers might not be thrilled about it, these days it’s pretty easy to buy your way into an airport lounge. We know. Total disgrace. Lounge Buddy alerts you to airport lounge locations all over the world, and you can purchase last minute access at a great price through the app. Yep. If you need us, we’ll be in the lounge, buddy.

Top 10 travel apps
Top 10 travel apps: Make yourself at home in any airport with Lounge Buddy.

4. Uber

Uber is great at home — and on holiday! No more getting ripped off by unscrupulous airport taxi drivers, because wherever you are in the world the app logs your route so any funny business is all on record. And because it’s cashless, you won’t be expected to tip. Happy days.

5. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight does almost exactly what it says on the tin. Almost, because it actually finds you available last minute hotel rooms up to seven days ahead. You’ll have the opportunity to get drastically reduced rates on some pretty upmarket sleeps, and often even bonus deals when the app’s GPS figures out you’re in town (‘Geo rates’!). Big Brother might finally be using his powers for good…

Top 10 travel apps
Top 10 travel apps: Get a great hotel deal anywhere with Hotel Tonight.

6. Whats App

If ET wanted to phone home today, he’d reach out that bony, glowing digit and tap Whats App on his phone. Utilising the wonders of the Internet, it’s a free and easy way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones back in the ‘hood. All you need is access to Wi-Fi, and speaking of which…

7. Wi-Fi Map

These days the holy grail for travellers is free Wi-fi and the quest for it is embarked upon daily. Make the search easy with Wi-Fi Map — a global community that posts the locations and passwords for complimentary Wi-Fi connections in many cities across the planet. Go forth and surf!

Top 10 travel apps
Top 10 travel apps: Track down free Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Map.

8. Xe Currency

We’ve all been on the wrong end of a dodgy exchange rate, but with the Xe Currency app you’ve got real time fiscal figures at your fingertips so you can see if what you’re being offered is legit, or at least fair. It also works offline using the data most recently downloaded.

9. Rome 2 Rio

Rome 2 Rio serves up your travel options from point A to point B by planes, trains, and automobiles — and not just estimated travel times, but also the approximate cost of each. It’s a great way of comparing apples with oranges — and seeing which offers the juiciest value.

Top 10 travel apps
Top 10 travel apps: Work out the fastest way to get from A to B with Rome 2 Rio.

10. Google Translate

The witchcraft that is Google Translate knows no bounds. With the latest version you can type, talk or just point your phone at text and you’re instantly fluent in whatever language you like. Get that discount for flying on Dienstag! Save a bundle by travelling on a kereta api instead of a pesawat! But the real beauty is that you can use it without an Internet connection. Witchcraft, we tells ya.

Do you have any suggestions to add to our list of the top 10 travel apps? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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