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Five Tips for Getting an Airline Upgrade

Airline upgrades — these days they’re as rare as, well, hens' dentures. But it can be done! Here are five tips that will definitely improve your chances of turning left rather than right.
Five tips for getting an airline upgrade
Five tips for getting an airline upgrade

We’ve all got one of those annoying friends.

You know, the one who breezes back from their latest world trip gushing: ‘Oh yes, it was amaaaazing! We got an upgrade and spent eight hours sleeping off our pre-flight Moët’.

Irritating as they are, secretly we’d all love the opportunity to live it up in the plane’s pointy-end. Well, while nothing is guaranteed, here are five tips for getting an airline upgrade — or at least improving your odds!

1. Be loyal

You won’t get an upgrade just because there’s a shedload of empty seats and chilled champagne going spare in Business. However, if the airline has overbooked Economy, some of the sweet seats just might be on offer. Loyal customers will always get priority, so you’re much more likely to get an op-up* (yep, now you know) if you’re a regular — or at least have a few points up your sleeve. So sign up for as many airline loyalty programs as possible to give yourself a sporting chance.

* Operational upgrade. Now you really know.

Five tips for getting an airline upgrade
Five tips for getting an airline upgrade

2. Arrive early, or late

Confused? The truth is both tactics can work. If upgrades are on the table then it’s usually only a couple of seats, so if you’re really early you might just get in first. The odds are about the same for being late. If the flight is overbooked, being the last to check in means it’s just possible you might get bumped up if there are seats available.

How will you know which way to go? You won’t. So, you’ll just have to do your best Dirty Harry and ask yourself ‘Do you feel lucky punk?’ Well, do you?

PS. Don’t miss check-in all together. That would not be good.

Five tips for getting an airline upgrade
Five tips for getting an airline upgrade

3. Look nice and be nice

Getting kitted out in Gucci and fronting up to ask for an upgrade in your best cut-glass accent ain’t what it used to be, but you’ll have a far better shot if you’re dressed smartly than if you show up barefoot in a Bob Marley t-shirt smelling of patchouli oil. The ‘being nice’ advice should go without saying, but just to reiterate: nobody ever got an upgrade by calling check-in staff ‘a jumped-up little insert insult here’. They probably got arrested instead.

4. Pick your battles (aka flight times)

If you can travel on a weekend or public holiday you’ll increase your odds of getting upgraded simply because most business people aren’t flying around the world then being busy and important. Avoid early morning and late evening flights and fly midweek or Saturday.

Five tips for getting an airline upgrade
Five tips for getting an airline upgrade

5. Show them the money

Airlines have now twigged that people are prepared to pay for an upgrade, so they’re happy to oblige. Before checking in, head to your carrier’s service desk and ask how much it will cost to upgrade your seat. The amount can vary from ‘as if’ to fairly reasonable.

Increasingly, you can also upgrade using points. The catch is that most airlines only allow flexible ticket holders (i.e. not sale tickets) to do it. So, if you don’t end up getting an upgrade, you will have paid a whole lot extra for a whole lot of nothing!

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Do you have any tips for getting an airline upgrade? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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